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Orange Cranberry Cheeseball Mix

Orange Cranberry Cheeseball Mix

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3 oz Package

  • Orange Cranberry flavored cheese ball mix, makes 1 cheeseball
  • Combine contents of mix with 8 oz. cream cheese and 4 Tbsp butter to create a wonderful cheeseball to share
  • Serve with vanilla wafers, sweet or plain crackers, or apple slices
  • Cheeseball mix makes a perfect hostess or housewarming gift idea and is perfect as an appetizer or snack during the holidays or any time of year
  • Easy delicious cheeseball mix for entertaining

Maggie and Mary's Orange Cranberry Cheeseball Mix. The combination of orange and cranberries is perfectly balanced; the tang and refreshing flavor make it a favorite all year long. Beautiful real cranberry bits are included. Serve with sweet crackers or vanilla wafers. Add 8 oz. cream cheese and 4 tablespoons of butter. package makes 1 cheeseball

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