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Peppercorn Garlic Gouda Cheese Spread 8 oz.

Peppercorn Garlic Gouda Cheese Spread 8 oz.

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A great spreadable cheese with the same great Peppercorn Garlic Gouda taste with a hint of black pepper and peppercorns. Great with red wine

  • No Preservatives
  • Always ready for the appetizer vegetable tray or on crackers.

Can be frozen and refrozen.

Best to thaw in refrigerator before eating.

Ingredients:  Peppercorn Garlic Gouda Cheese (Pasteurized Cows Milk, Vegetable Rennet, Cultures, Salt Brine, black pepper, garlic, Jalapeno Powder, Cumin Powder) Whey Solids, Butter, Water, Sorbic Acid for freshness  CONTAINS:  MILK

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