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Bison Smoked Mettwurst 1# Package

Bison Smoked Mettwurst 1# Package

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Experience the rich flavor of Eichtens Bison Smoked Mettwurst. Made from high quality bison meat, this 1# package offers a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional meat products. Enjoy the unique taste and nutritional benefits of bison with every bite of our premium Mettwurst.

High protein, low fat snack for anyone!
May be frozen for long term storage.

We specialize in 100% Grass fed Bison / Buffalo meat. Bison is a lean red meat source which is safe, flavorful and healthy for you and your family. Our herd is fed on our own naturally grown, pesticide-free native grasses. Our herd is raised without growth hormones.

Lots of health benefits - has excellent texture and flavor plus the benefits of low fat, less calories and cholesterol. Bison is also high in iron, vitamins, minerals and protein.

All of our Bison is USDA inspected.

It tastes great! Most feel Bison is the most flavorful meat they have ever tasted, with a sweeter and richer flavor than beef. It is not "gamey" or wild tasting. Bison meat is just naturally flavorful and tender. It tastes great by itself and will enhance your favorite recipe.

Healthful: Comparisons of the nutritional values of Bison have shown that Bison meat is low in fat and calories and high in protein and nutrients. A red meat that fits into the federal government's dietary recommendations.

Value: On a cost comparison, Bison falls into the Gourmet category. The value of Bison is not what you pay, but it is what you get in return. With 35% more protein than beef, you eat 1/3 less to satisfy your appetite. Nutritionally, you are getting more-more protein, more nutrients, for less-less fat, less calories, less cholesterol. A value that you can figure into your budget for a balanced, healthy diet. The protein is more complete because the meat has a good distribution of amino acids.

Bison have been called the most important wild animals in the development of North America. They were the center of life of the plains Indians, providing them with food, clothing, shelter and much of their culture. Bison also sustained the lives of the explorers and settlers going West. By the late 1800's Bison were close to extinction. Through efforts of early conservationists and ranchers who knew the value of Bison, they are no longer an endangered species. Bison are again a central part of the lives of many Americans.
The only red meat that is non-allergenic!
Only mammal not to contract caner or heart disease!

Bison vs Buffalo:
The american buffalo is not a true buffalo. Scientifically, the american buffalo is named bison and belongs to the bovine family of mammals, as do domestic cattle. The use of the word "Bison" is encouraged to avoid confusion with the water buffalo products that have entered the american market.

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