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Eichtens Gouda Cheese, Aged 1 Year - 8 oz

Eichtens Gouda Cheese, Aged 1 Year - 8 oz

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Eichtens Gouda Cheese is a delicious, aged cheese crafted in Minnesota by a 3rd generation family. Experience the rich flavor of this domestic, European-style gouda that has been aged for 1 year. Perfect for sandwiches, snacking, or pairing with wine.

Eichtens Gouda Cheese is a semi-hard cheese that is celebrated for its rich, unique buttery flavor and smooth texture. An all-natural European Style Gouda made in Minnesota since 1976.

  • Pasteurized Fresh cow’s milk/Vegetable rennet
  • Aged 60 days and/or longer-The longer the aging period, the stronger the flavor.

Ingredients:  Pasteurized Cows Milk, Vegetable Cheese Culture, Enzymes, Salt Brine  CONTAINS: MILK

Mild Goudas are best paired with beer while medium Gouda tastes best when paired with a Riesling.

An aged Gouda compliments wines that are deeply flavored such as a Merlot. Gouda Cheese may be grated, sliced, cubed, or melted. It may be used as a table cheese or dessert cheese.

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