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Deer Vat 17 Deer Creek Cheddar Cheese 5 oz

Deer Vat 17 Deer Creek Cheddar Cheese 5 oz

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 5 oz

Vat 17 is a unique blend of Cheddars from around the world. The creation of this unique cheese began as a quest to capture the best flavor attributes from Cheddars around the world and blend them into one unique cheese. It is made with a combination of cheddar cultures from the UK, Canada and New Zealand. Vat 17 is produced at the Land O' Lakes cheese plant in Kiel, Wisconsin which has long been considered to produce some of the best Cheddar in the the U.S. Aged for 2 years, Vat 17 is bold and complex, with a tangy nuttiness that is unsurpassed. It is a highly decorated cheese, winning numerous awards the world over.

Made from pasteurized cows milk

Ingredients:  Pasteurized Milk, Cultures, Salt, Enzymes Contains MILK.

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