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Bison Summer Sausage Chub

Bison Summer Sausage Chub

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No Nitrates

 Bison Summer Sausage is a flavorful sausage made from American Bison.

 Our Buffalo summer sausage is fully smoked, ready to eat. Buffalo is lean and healthy.

 Our sausage is homemade and has an excellent texture and flavor.

We specialize in 100% Grass-fed Bison / Buffalo meat. Bison is a lean red meat source that is safe, flavorful, and healthy for you and your family. Our herd is fed on our own naturally grown, pesticide-free native grasses. Our herd is raised without growth hormones.

Lots of health benefits – has excellent texture and flavor plus the benefits of low fat, fewer calories, and cholesterol. Bison is also high in iron, vitamins, minerals, and protein.

All of our Bison is USDA inspected

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