Eichtens Swiss Almond Cheese Spread

Swiss Almond Cheese Spread

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Eichtens Swiss Almond Cheese Spread
1/2 lb. Cup of Eichtens Swiss Almond Cheese Spread

Swiss cheese is a shiny, pale yellow cheese with a firmer texture than Baby Swiss. Flavor is mild, sweet and nut-like. It has a savory, but not very sharp taste.

The process of Swiss cheese making is designed in a way that no rind forms on it. It can be eaten with fruits such as apples, pears, grapes and thinly-sliced prosciutto ham and salami. Fruity white wine, aged red wine, crane-raspberry juice, tomato or vegetable juices also prove to be a great pair.

Eichten’s Swiss Cheese Spread is a blend of Aged Swiss with butter and natural flavoring.

8 oz. (226g) Container
No Preservatives
Swiss Cheese blended into a perfect spreadable cheese.
Always ready for the appetizer vegetable tray or on crackers.

Can be frozen and refrozen.
Best to thaw in refrigerator before eating.