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Olive Oil & Sea Salt Sourdough Flatbread

Olive Oil & Sea Salt Sourdough Flatbread

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Olive Oil & Sea Salt Sourdough Flatbread 0.7 oz (20g)

Crisp and packed with vibrant flavors, these Rosemary and Olive Oil Flatbread crackers are an excellent accompaniment for cheese, or simply enjoyed on their own.

Made right outside of the San Francisco Bay area, these high-quality crackers designed to complement fine cheese. Each of their flatbreads is baked by hand with only organic grains and seeds, making them high in fiber and full of nutrients.

This flatbread combines the classic flavors of the Mediterranean – herbaceous rosemary and fresh olive oil. Dried rosemary is kneaded into the dough, making these flatbreads wonderfully aromatic. They pair best with either creamy ricotta or sharp asiago. Pour yourself a glass of full-bodied Merlot to fully enjoy these savory crackers.

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