Huntsman Cheese 5 oz

Huntsman Cheese 5 oz

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Huntsman Cheese5 oz Wedge

Huntsman is two classic cheeses produced in the English countryside.

Double Gloucester is a firm, mellow and tangy cheese made only from the milk of Gloucester cows in southwestern England and Stilton Blue cheese is a blue-veined, strong, smooth and creamy cheese with a distinctive flavor profile.

Though the combination seems unusual, the English cheesemakers have made it possible by presenting a layered representation of the two cheeses. Stilton is sandwiched between layers of the Double Gloucester, resulting in a powerful flavor combination of the two.

It is a difficult cheese to cook with, but visually stunning on a cheese platter. Each cheese could have its own wine pairing, but together they go well with ales and beers.
Cow‘s milk
Type: semi-hard, hard
Texture: creamy, crumbly, dense, firm and smooth
Flavor: mild, nutty, spicy, strong, tangy
Aroma: strong, sweet