Eichtens Tilsit Cheese

Eichtens Tilsit Cheese

Mary’s Story on Tilsit: 

After several years of working with Gouda Cheese. Mary was teaching a woman named vuselat from Turkey who had been staying with her and Joe for several weeks on the farm. Before she left to go back to her homeland, she asked Mary if there was anything that she could do for her. Mary replied “You know I have been wanting to make the cheese known as Tilsit.” Her guest replied that she had the perfect recipe in her office. The recipe came in the mail written in Turkish. After translating into English, Mary started developing her own recipe which took 3 years to perfect the cheese the way she envisioned it.

Ingredients:   Pasteurized Cow's Milk, Cheese Culture, Vegetable Rennet, Salt Brine


  • Pasteurized Fresh cow’s milk
  • Vegetable rennet
  • True European Culture
  • We add no coloring, artificial flavors or preservatives
  • No GMO Rennet (our milk contains no growth hormones, antibiotics or rBGH.)


Aging Rooms:

  •  aged 60 days and/or longer
  • precise temperature aging rooms
  • moved and turned daily for correct breathing and aging.
  • The longer the aging period, the stronger the flavor.


Developed with Mom’s special recipe pre-ripened and aged for 2 months made from cow’s pasteurized milk..

It gives your palate a taste burst. This cheese is for those who desire a taste for aged cheese.

Good all around in cheese trays, salads, cooked dishes, sandwiches or by itself as a special snack.


Eichten’s Tilsit: 

Aged in the aging rooms to develop a semi-hard pre-ripened cheese similar to a swiss. It will age up to 7 years just like in Europe which helps developed the great taste. Flavor has a hint of cheddar at the end for any appetizer, entrée or snack.